At Brandywine Podiatry, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest in personalized podiatric services provided in an atmosphere of compassion at our comfortable, modern facilities in Wilmington, North Wilmington, Pike Creek Wilmington, Bear, Middletown, Dover, and Georgetown, Delaware.

Our staff participates in a variety of continuing education programs to ensure that we are providing our patients with the best and latest treatment options available.

Our patients range from children to active adults to more sedentary seniors and we strive to provide comprehensive treatments to address their unique needs. 

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At Brandywine Podiatry, our services include:

•   24 Hour Emergency Service
•   Diabetic Wound Care Specialists
•   Digital Foot & Ankle Imaging Analysis
•   Heel Pain
•   Joint Replacement
•   Office Based Surgery
•   Second Opinion
•   Hospital Surgery
•   Worker's Compensation


  • Properly fitted shoes are essential ―an astonishing number of people wear shoes that don’t fit right, and cause serious foot problems.

  • A shoe with a firm sole and soft upper is best for daily activities.

  • Shop for shoes in the afternoon; feet tend to swell during the day.

  • Walking ―is the best exercise for your feet.

  • Pantyhose or stockings should be of the correct size and preferably free of seams.

  • Do not wear constricting garters or tie your stockings in knots.

  • Never cut corns and calluses with a razor, pocket knife, or other such instrument; use over-the-counter foot products only with the advice of a podiatrist.

  • Bathe your feet daily in lukewarm (not hot) water, using a mild soap, preferably one containing moisturizers, or use a moisturizer separately. Test the water temperature with your hand.

  • Trim or file your toenails straight across.

  • Inspect your feet every day or have someone do this for you. If you notice any redness, swelling, cracks in the skin, or sores, consult your podiatrist.

  • Have your feet examined by a DPM at least twice a year.